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 Dave từ bỏ flourish chỉ là trò đùa ngày 1/4

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Join date : 02/05/2009
Age : 27
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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Dave từ bỏ flourish chỉ là trò đùa ngày 1/4   Sun May 03, 2009 8:58 pm

Dave từ bỏ flourish chỉ là trò đùa ngày 1/4

Thông tin này thật là trò đùa của 2 anh em nhà này . Thật là công phu khi phải đổi giao diện tùm lum nguyên cả cái trang web.
Dưới đây là trò đùa của 2 lão :

Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Supporters,

It is with great respect that I make this announcement today, and trust
that this has been a long time coming. To explain my intentions, it
should be noted where this all began. When Dan and I were younger, we
both began a journey together. We wanted to learn, to advance, to
improve. We loved magic, and soon discovered and found an innate
respect for cardistry.

Practicing this has brought us some incredible opportunities that I
will forever be grateful for. We have been able to tour the world, and
meet magic enthusiasts all the way from Tampa to Taiwan. We have been
able to learn from and spend time with some of the best magicians in
the world today, and for that I am both appreciative and eternally
indebted. With great respect, however, my love of magic and the art has
waned over the past several years. A fact that has caused great tumult
and stress between Dan and myself, we had grown tense to the point
where we would go days without speaking to each other, as my waning
interest unfairly required him to pick up my slack. It was not fair to
Dan, and I apologize for it.

As it is now the end of the first quarter of 2009, it is time for
change. I can no longer hold myself back from my true passions, and it
is no longer fair to require Dan to work double hard for the both of
us. Today, I announce my resignation as co-founder of Dan and Dave and
intend to enroll in film school at UCLA this fall. This decision was
not made lightly, and has been the root of many heated discussions
between Dan and I over the past year. While it saddens me to be leaving
behind a hobby to gain a career, it would sadden me further to prevent
myself to realizing the dreams of my youth.

I grew up respecting the work of Spielberg and the way that he
juxtoposed intimate dialogue in stories larger than oneself. I've
always wanted to recreate that feeling in others, and to inspire many
more people through storytelling in film, rather than pasteboard.

I will still hereafter be involved with D&D, but only in the vein
of production - not creation. Admittedly, Dan has always been the
leader in that area, and I trust that he will now shine brighter than
ever. To be honest with each of you, I will miss the magic community
greatly. I was raised within it, and it is a part of my self. But at
the same time, I believe that to succeed, we must step outside of our
comfort zone and challenge ourselves.

One day I do hope to regain my love of magic, cardistry, and performance. But for now, I must say goodbye.

With respect,
Dave Buck

Posted on 4.01.09
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Dave từ bỏ flourish chỉ là trò đùa ngày 1/4
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